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Site Visits – More Than Just Asking Questions

Site visits are a valuable method for creating user-friendly interfaces. Misconceptions and prejudices, however, can prevent the approach from being used, which ultimately leads to solutions that don’t offer a great user experience. This article aims at eliminating a central misconception and at providing an overview of site visits and their goals.

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Usability Quick Wins – Improving Usability with Simple Measures

Usability evaluations (such as usability inspection and usability test) are helpful for identifying potentials for usability optimization. They reveal weaknesses that prevent user-friendly solutions, e.g. when user-system interaction is impaired.

There are several aspects that can be taken into account right from the start when designing a user interface, without feedback from usability evaluations being necessary. These “usability quick wins” can thus be realized early for laying the groundworks of a user-friendly solution. This can also be beneficial for potential usability evaluations that take place later in a project, because when certain usability problems are prevented right from the start, the usability evaluations can be focused more specifically on problems that are less easily detected or prevented.

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Usability Test or Usability Inspection – How to Choose

Gathering usability feedback is an important step for creating user-friendly solutions. This applies to interactive systems (software, hardware, services) that are still in development as well as to solutions that are already released and that shall be further optimized. A project team itself can usually not judge usability because after a while, organizational blindness takes hold. – Solutions appear very “intuitive” to its creators after a while, because it is impossible to view them with the eyes of a user who has never seen them before. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to have a professional usability evaluation.

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