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The aim of a usability test is to extensively test the user-friendliness of your solution and to generate detailed recommendations for optimization.

A usability test is recommendable when the user-friendliness of your solution is to be thoroughly inspected, for example in order to eliminate weak points that would otherwise only become apparent after a market launch.

For this purpose, representative users use your solution under controlled conditions. Video and audio of the test sessions are recorded. On this basis, we analyze which usability problems occur, but also which aspects of your solution especially convince users.

The findings, including recommendations for solutions, are compiled in a structured usability report in order to show which aspects of the user interface should be revised to increase the user-friendliness.

What you get

  • Structured usability report for internal communication in your organization
  • Highlight videos to illustrate significant episodes from the test sessions
  • Half-day project workshop with your project team to discuss the findings and derive your next project steps to implement the optimized solution

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