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You probably know that: Your historically grown application is no longer visually up to date and needs a visual makeover. Nevertheless, your established software should remain as unchanged as possible. With a new Look & Feel, that’s exactly what’s possible.

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What is a Java Swing Look & Feel?

The Look & Feel of an application is basically the “face” of an application and determines to a great extend how the user perceives your application and interacts with it.

Technically speaking, a Look & Feel is a modular component that can be easily integrated into a Swing application just like a software library. This can be done either before, during or after the implementation of an application.

And that is exactly what is the advantage: Having the opportunity of retrospectively integrating Look & Feels makes it possible to optically modernize existing applications.

The risk in doing so is low because the existing business logic does not have to be changed. Therefore, a Java Swing Look & Feel is ideally suited for visually improving even more complex, historically grown applications with little effort.

Our 3 basic Look & Feels

The right variant for every application: Stock, customized & individual

We offer our Look & Feels in 3 variants with different degrees of individualization:

Stock: Our Stock Look & Feels contain more universal style elements and are therefore suitable for a wide range of application domains, such as administration software, medical technology or trading platforms.

Customized: On the next level, we can add a distinctive and recognizable look to your application using add-ons tailor-made for you and your customers. This makes it possible to mirror the corporate identity or the visual topic of a product family in the Look & Feel.

Individual: The premium class is a completely individual Look & Feel that is specifically tailored to your needs. We design it from scratch together with you and your designers.

Compatible with popular Java libraries and Java virtual machines

Our products are based on our own Look & Feel engine Cezanne and therefore provide high flexibility and compatibility with popular Java libraries and virtual machines. Our developers have experience with popular Java virtual machines, including Oracle JVM, OpenJDK and their community builds, such as Zulu or AdoptOpenJDK.

Besides the current Java versions, older versions (currently back to 1.7) are also supported to avoid problematic migrations of your application. For a comfortable creation and editing of windows and dialogs our Look & Feels can also be used in WYSIWYG GUI designers like WindowBuilder in Eclipse or JFormDesigner.

Easy theme customization with the integrated Theme Designer

The integrated Theme Designer enables your developers to customize our Look & Feels in a variety of visual parameters, such as foreground and background colors as well as fonts – both globally and at component type level.

The handling of the Theme Designer and the “Live View” of your application are so intuitive that even designers without Java knowledge can achieve impressive results in a short time.

JRadioButtons with BizLaf Standard Style

JRadioButtons with Alternative BizLaf Style

Alternative Styles

The Alternative Styles provided by our Look & Feels allow you to vary the look of individual Swing components without affecting their behavior.

This concept of separating content and design, which has also established in HTML and CSS, significantly reduces the effort for your GUI developers. Moreover, it allows an elegant interaction between your application and the Look & Feel.

This can significantly reduce risks and costs, especially if a redesign is required over the years.

Native integration into Windows

When implementing our Look & Feels, we attach great importance to every detail. This is mirrored not only in the static appearance of a component, but also in its interaction behavior.

Standards, e.g. related to the mouse interaction with a button, are just as important as the support of specialized gestures, such as the Snap and Shake mouse commands in Windows 10.

For this purpose, our Look & Feels use native libraries in order to provide a maximum of creative freedom when completely applying the window decoration and still allow platform-specific behavior.

Possibility of scaling individual components or entire hierarchies

Beyond the normal possibilities of the operating system, our Look & Feels allow the scaling of individual components or entire hierarchies, such as a dialog or a form section.

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