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Detailed and up-to-date knowledge about users and their needs is indispensable for creating an outstanding user experience.

Your products and services should provide users real added value. To achieve this, the user-centric perspective has to be integrated into your development project right from the start. You can only create a reliable project basis and minimize the risk of developing past the market, if you “take the blinkers off” and put your own assumptions about users and their real needs to the test.

Pixopia user research makes this possible and also reveals possibilities and market opportunities that you have not yet discovered.

The key measure is site visits, as well-founded findings concerning users can only be gained through direct observations “in the field”. This is an essential basis for the creation of convincing solutions.

User research enables you to make well-founded business decisions and – while also taking into account technical and economic considerations – to design solutions whose user-friendliness turns users into convinced customers.

What you get

  • Overview of real and relevant needs, requirements and tasks of users as well as explanation of their relevance for creating successful solutions
  • Profiles of typical users as basis and reference for project control

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