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It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with our products and services. Should there be any difficulties nonetheless, our experienced experts will help you individually and fast.

We are dedicated to providing you personal support and to finding real solutions for your problems. In order to do so, our first priority is to ensure a good availability, short reaction times to requests as well as a most rapid troubleshooting.

Before finally deciding on one of our products, you can test our trial versions free of charge and without obligation at any time. This also makes it possible to clarify potential questions and problems prior to the purchase. Feel free to get in contact with us for testing a trial version.

In case you have already decided on one of our products, you can report bugs to our helpdesk and follow up on the current status of already reported bugs at any time. The helpdesk is also the place to find the downloads of the latest product versions. To get a first impression of the installation and functionality of our Look & Feels please visit our Getting Started page.

We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ. Before reporting a new bug to our helpdesk, it is therefore worth taking a look at the FAQ, where the problem, including its solution, may already have been addressed.

Click here for our FAQ

What does our support include?

With our support you receive all important updates and upgrades for the lifetime of our Look & Feel product. Updates typically include bug fixes and minor adjustments. Upgrades are new major versions that include both function extensions as well as adjustments to major updates in the operating systems, Java virtual machines or Swing libraries of other providers.

Support scope:

  • initial consultation & integration support
  • bug fixes
  • function adjustments or extensions of our products


Services beyond our support packages (individual development)

In addition to our standard support packages, we also offer to support you with the Java Swing development or customization of your own user interfaces. Moreover, we are happy to advise you on the use of Swing, for example in the course of individual workshops. If required, we also develop Java code that can either be integrated directly into your application or is available to you as a Cezanne module extension in the Look & Feel. We are pleased to discuss the details of your project with you and make you an individual offer. Simply get in contact with us.

Your contact

Patrick Decker

Senior Software Engineer