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You are planning to develop your own Look & Feels? Then Cezanne is the right solution! Based on a markup dialect, Cezanne makes it possible to quickly define the look and behavior of individual component types in their different states (e.g. “Pressed” and “Rollover”). In addition, Cezanne frees the individual Look & Feels from redundancies and makes it possible to quickly develop or customize your Look & Feel without reinventing the wheel.

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What exactly is Cezanne?

Cezanne is an engine for Java Swing Look & Feels. Cezanne offers the possibility to render different visualizations for standard Swing JComponents. Furthermore, Cezanne supports third party libraries (like JIDE, NetBeans, …). This means in particular that Cezanne itself has no built-in design and thus is not a stand-alone Look & Feel yet.
Only together with so-called style definitions, which have to be written in a Cezanne based markup language, JComponents get the desired look. As soon as all style definitions necessary for your application are written, Cezanne can be used as a complete Java Swing Look & Feel.

Cezanne Developer Kit (SDK)

The Cezanne SDK makes it possible for you to build new individual and high-quality Look & Feels.

The entire build process can be integrated into your own Continuous Integration System via ready-to-use Ant scripts. Our SDK is established in the industrial environment and successfully used by customers who implement their own themes and Alternative Styles with their in-house design department.

Special SDK Support

Our developers and supporters provide guidance during the development of your own Look & Feel.

On request, we provide workshops in which we explain how to build your own Look & Feel with Cezanne. Feature requests are processed with higher priority and can be directly discussed with our engine developers.

Cezanne is right for you if the following points apply:

  • You plan enough time for the implementation of a complete Look & Feel, depending on the experience of the team and the scope of the components to be supported, about 30 to 60 or more person days
  • You and your developers are very familiar with the Java Swing technology, i.e. you know the specifics in terms of dealing with Look & Feels, especially the meaning of UIDefaults, UIResource, etc.
  • You have designers who see the bigger picture and ensure visual consistency
  • Your designer has experience in screen and component design
  • With a proficient cooperation between Look & Feel developers and designers, you can iteratively guide the design process and know the technical limits of the design
  • You have a very good eye for detail, so that you can detect even small errors and discrepancies from the design
  • You are willing to learn the Cezanne markup language and the basic concepts such as (sub)regions, Alternative Styles, style vs. state properties as well as properties in general which Cezanne provides for component types

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