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A usability inspection is a good way to get fast and cost-effective feedback on the usability of your product or service.

During the usability inspection, our usability experts review and evaluate the user interface against guidelines and best practices for the design of user-friendly solutions.

The inspection examines usability criteria such as:

  • Transparent user guidance
  • Easy access to key functionality
  • Clear feedback for users
  • Options for error prevention/recovery
  • Comprehensible presentation of content and functionality
  • Consistent use of UI elements
  • Correct implementation of user interface standards

By investigating these and further criteria, usability problems are identified and approaches for the optimization of the user experience are outlined.

In addition, the Pixopia usability inspection provides you with a summary assessment of the usability of your solution including a brief overview of the most important optimization potentials.

What you get

  • Summary assessment of the usability of your solution
  • Short and concise overview of crucial usability problems and outlines of appropriate optimization approaches
  • Remote meeting (approx. 1 hour) to discuss findings and potential questions

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