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Games are something special. Just like gamers. That’s why our playtests meet special requirements.

We are a reliable partner for companies in the gaming industry who want to outsource playtesting. Since we know that flexibility is required in game development, we work closely with your project team right from the planning and organization of the playtest and, if desired, advise you on the concrete implementation, for example on the design of supplementary interviews.

Of course, it is also possible to use materials that already exist on your side, such as interview guidelines. If you wish, your team can follow the game test sessions in a livestream.

Our expertise covers games from different genres such as action, strategy and role-playing games.

The questions that we investigate for you can cover diverse aspect of player experience, for example:

  • Low level usability aspects (e.g. conspicuousness of hints, comprehensibility of information)
  • Controls (e.g. mouse/keyboard vs. gamepad)
  • Story (e.g. comprehensibility, suspense, originality)
  • Challenge & player motivation (e.g. learning curve and long-term motivation)
  • Replay value
  • Game mechanics (e.g. complexity, understandability)
  • Artwork (e.g. game art design, packaging)

What you get

  • “Live updates” every evening during an ongoing playtest for a fast communication of key findings of the day
  • First communication of the most important results promptly after the completion of the last test session (remote meeting for project team)
  • Playtest report with detailed findings, supplemented and illustrated by player quotes
  • Highlight videos to illustrate critical episodes of the playtests
  • Final remote meeting to discuss findings and clarify questions

You are planning a project?

Contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you!

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Head of Usability Engineering